Paying Your Sears Bill Online

The Sears credit card is issued by Citibank, and it is actually a Citibank site that you use to manage your Sears card account and where you go to make an online payment to Sears.  At this site, you will find a very rich, full featured experience to manage your Sears account and schedule an electronic payment. 

Sears customers must register at the Citibank hosted website for an online account.  This process is quite simple, and requires that you enter your Sears account number as a first step.  After your Sears account is verified, you will be led through a multi-step process where you will enter the bank account number that you wish to make payments from.  

You will choose a username and password, and provide answers to secret questions that will be necessary for you to remember in the event that you forget the username or password that you selected when you first enrolled for the Sears online account.

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Paying Your Sears Bill Through Your Bank's Online Bill Pay Service

Many people prefer to make to pay their Sears bill using their bank's online bill pay service.  The advantage of paying your bill this way is that it offers you a single website for virtually all of your bill payments, and provides a way to see all of your bill payment transactions in one place. However, most bank bill pay websites require that you schedule your Sears bill payment days in advance of when you need the money to arrive to receive timely bill payment posting credit and to avoid any late fee charges. If you need to make a same day payment to your Sears account, you will likely want to do so from the Citibank site, as most bank bill pay sites won't be able to get the money transferred to Sears in the time you need for it to arrive.

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